Loreal OleoTherapy Perfecting Oil Essence and Mask

Hello people searching for great yet affordable hair products!

I am so excited to share my experience with the NEW Loreal OleoTherapy products and why  I am deeply in love with them, weird I know. But, trust me when I am able to stumble upon amazing haircare at the drugstore level I get a little out of control, perhaps even slightly obsessed.

I was at Target today because I needed to pick up some toothpaste, cotton rounds, and ect when I randomly found myself in the haircare aisle. Normally I don’t change my haircare routine often because I don’t like to abuse my already heavily color treated hair. There is was,  and my giant eyeballs could not stop being attracted to the shiny containers, and almost empty shelf. I first picked up the Loreal OleoTherapy Deep Recovery Mask. Price $7.74 US for 8.5 FL OZ, and it was the last mask on the shelf which told me to consider the benefits. The first thing I do when I purchase new products is I smell them, because if I don’t find the scent appealing there is no way I will put it on my hair. Let me tell you this mask smells expensive, rich and luxurious. According to the label it is made from 6 flower oils which gives it the lustrous effects and amazing scent. I have never before come across a product that smells so good at a drugstore level. It smells just like Kerastase and to be honest looks just like it. It makes sense I suppose because Kerastase is part of the Loreal brand. Anyhow, it was love at first sight. I was unable to google any reviews because I think the product is fairly new. Furthermore, I grabbed the mask and put in my cart and proceeded to see what else the line had to offer.

photo 2-2 photo 3-1 photo 4-1

The second item I purchased from the line was the Perfecting Oil Essence, which was so attractive to the eyes because it comes in a 3.4FL OZ glass bottle with pump applicator. Glass is a big deal, because it generally denotes that the product is more expensive and worthy. Besides that the products looked identical to the Kerastase Nutritive Oleo Serum.

Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum

Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum

Loreal OleoTherapy Perfecting Oil-Essence

Loreal OleoTherapy Perfecting Oil-Essence

Clearly you can tell that the Loreal is a drugstore dupe for the Kerastase oil, only about $30 cheaper. The Loreal Oil was $ 11.49 US for 3.4 FL OZ.

Also here is the Kerastase mask that resembles the Loreal mask.


I was so excited to get home and to try out both of the Loreal products. The mask is amazing and it detangles hair fantastically. The instructions state to leave on for 3-5 minutes and rise hair as usual. The scent is not extra heavy but it is ultra feminine and lasting. I am so in love with this hair mask!!! After brushing through my hair with a breeze I applied two pumps of the Loreal oil and I target my roots because they are quite dry. I have ombre hair and my ends are blonde, and prior to being ombre I was super blonde therefore my hair can always use moisture. The oil is invigorating and non-greasy, easily applicable and does not weigh hair down. I blow dried my hair without styling it but I cannot stop smelling it or running my fingers through it. It feels so silky, smooth and manageable.

Overall The Loreal OleoTherapy products are amazing and if you are able to try some please do, you will not be disappointed. They also add such a feminine and sexy scent to the hair which I feel adds confidence to anyone. I love products that add femininity to anyone! Please let me know what your experience was like with any of these products and also if you want pictures of hair before and after I could take some and post them, I probably should have done that.

Also the products are sulfate free which is a great bonus!!!

Take care, and happy hair!


5 thoughts on “Loreal OleoTherapy Perfecting Oil Essence and Mask

  1. (I meant to put this here, you will see it in your ABOUT comments too, Sorry) I just purchased the L’Oreal ‘OleoTherapy Deep Recovery Mask’ @ Target and found out about your blog by seeing a ‘Makeup Alley’ review as well. I find your story of this personal discovery similar to what just occurred with me and my purchase today. I will be trying this in a couple days and will try to remember to return to chat with you.

  2. Hello! I bought the Oleotherapy mask because my hair was dried out by Pantene’s thickening shampoo. I found the L’Oreal mask did not detangle my hair and did not work any better than my usual conditioner (Dove); so the third time I used it, I left in on for 5 minutes to see if it would work better. I developed a bumpy rash on my neck, which soon spread to my ears. I have been in misery for the last two days! Apparently I am allergic to at least one of the ingredients in the product. Wonder if this has happened to anyone else?

    • I’m sorry to hear about that. I think I may update my blog but I’ve noticed that the scent of the mask is quite strong. After using it more frequently I feel that it gives me a terrible headache. How long does your rash last with use? Also I would refrain from using if your having reactions.

      • Thank you, it’s very unusual for me to have an allergic reaction. Today was the first day that my neck and ears haven’t been itchy, so the rash lasted about a week.

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