Inglot Freedom System

Back in August whilst I was shopping in Miami I finally came across an Inglot Cosmetics store. I was so excited because in my home town there is not a Inglot retail location. Yes, I know that I could have purchased Ignlot online, but having never tried anything from the line before I was hesitant. Now I am sitting here wishing I had purchased more from the store then the mere samples.

Entering the store I was not sure what to expect and seeing flashes of colorful makeup paraded on the walls made me sort of too happy to function. I was thankfully helped by an Inglot employee who after seeing me walk from table to table offered the freedom system palette to try. He recommended that I try the option with a face powder, blush and two lip creams. I swapped the lip creams for two eye shadows only because I don’t like to mix my powders with any liquid or cream entities.

The freedom palette I purchased was I believe about $57 plus tax, which I found to be fairly reasonable. I also purchased a foundation and a concealer, but that is for a different blog. Anyhow, I was so excited to get back to the hotel to put my palette together and finally try the products.

Initially the products are fine milled and soft textured which makes them seem much more luxurious then their price tag. I got a darker powder to use as a bronzer and I didn’t purchase their so called “bronzer” because I found it to be too orange for my normally pale complexion. My favorite purchase from the palette is the face blush and I am so happy with the color I chose. Also I selected two eye shadows that were somewhat neutral colors full of shimmer because I wanted some different highlighter and eye contour options. Honestly, I have not used the shadows hat often simply because my day to day makeup routine had been super simple. In terms of the bronzer and blush, the staying power is not great but if you use a makeup setting spray like the urban decay your make up will stay in place all day.

I was unable to find my exact palette online probably because I am not to savvy with the Inglot website, but I will post pictures below of my purchase. However, I regret not purchasing some lip products which are my favorite make up item.

Overall I am satisfied with my Inglot products, although I wish I had purchased more. What are some of your favorite Inglot products and what should I order?!? Please let me know below! Xoxo







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